Selecting the Ideal Convention Transportation: Tips for a Smooth Experience

Planning group transportation for a corporate event can be challenging with more than four people in your party. Public buses may not arrive on time, and rideshares can cost your company too much for long-distance travel. Fortunately, private chauffeurs specializing in convention transportation can simplify your trip with five-star service and onboard accommodations.

Luxury drivers from private transportation services in New Orleans explain how to choose the right vehicle for your company event.

How To Choose the Best Convention Transportation in New Orleans, LA

Attending a business convention is an excellent way to network with colleagues and earn new clients. Punctuality is important, but finding the best convention transportation solution for your team shouldn’t feel like a hassle. Here are four steps to finding the right vehicle for a stress-free experience.

1. Consider Your Passenger Count

Ask yourself how many passengers need to carpool in your group. Some of your colleagues may decide to drive themselves separately. However, this solution may not be practical for conventions held at out-of-state destination venues.

Everyone in your company may need a ride. In this case, it’s wise to research large-capacity vehicles like:

  • Event shuttles: These sleek black vehicles typically seat between 12 and 16 passengers, depending on the make and model. Event shuttles may be practical if you need to keep your group together during short-distance airport transfers or cross-town trips.
  • Mini-buses: Mini-buses provide seating for 16 to 24 passengers. Consider choosing this option when arranging transportation for small teams.
  • Executive coaches: These large vehicles are the best choice for transporting up to 56 passengers. Most luxury coach companies offer cross-state and overnight travel options, allowing you to enjoy efficient transportation without delays.

2. Determine Which Amenities You Need

Many business professionals recommend private convention transportation companies for their excellent onboard accommodations. Before you reserve a vehicle, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my team need Wi-Fi accessibility on the road?
  • Are bathroom and kitchen utilities necessary for my trip?
  • What kind of entertainment features will make my trip more comfortable?

Some group transportation vehicles offer dozens of amenities to ensure that your travel experience goes smoothly. For example, your coach bus may offer:

  • Comfortable plush seating
  • Onboard toilets and washrooms
  • Individual reading lights
  • Surround-sound speakers
  • Charging ports
  • Monitors for streaming
  • And more

3. Explore Vehicle Fees

Review your travel budget before you reserve a ride. Most luxury transportation companies charge their services by the hour. However, flat-rate fees may apply for special trips or return customers.

Consider your scheduling or timetable limitations. Some companies charge customers more for group transportation during busy seasons — like summer vacation or winter holidays. Night travel may also cost more in select cities.

Some luxury shuttles cost between $95-200 per hour. Coaches may cost anywhere between $500-2000 a day. Always ask your chosen transport company about cancellation fees to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Still, private bus services are more cost-efficient than taxis or other conventional options. You can expect your chauffeur to arrive on time, every time. Your luxury transportation company will also guarantee your party’s complete satisfaction throughout the entire trip.

4. Hire the Right Luxury Transport Company

Explore online reviews and customer testimonials to determine which convention transportation company is right for you. A reputable company will answer any questions you have before you reserve a ride and recommend practical options for your party. Here are several qualities to look for when selecting a private transport company:

  • Transparency: Reliable companies will not try to slip hidden fees onto your bill. They will provide accurate estimates and detailed information about your ride, including whether or not they charge additional fees for refueling. They will also provide a clear list of terms and conditions so you know what to expect.
  • Safety: Your chauffeurs should have the proper experience and certifications to complete your ride without incidents. Most private companies require their drivers to carry at least two forms of identification verifying their credentials as commercial chauffeurs. These professionals will put your needs first and remain focused while navigating dark or wet road conditions.
  • Attitude: Your chauffeur should behave professionally and treat your colleagues with respect.

Find the Right Solutions With T&A Private Transportation

Are you ready to find the right convention or trade show transfer solutions for your team? T&A Private Transportation is ready to provide the right corporate transportation service for your time and budget. You can expect fair pricing, quality group logistics planning, and more when you partner with our chauffeurs.

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