What To Know Before Renting a Party Bus

If you’re looking for a fun night out on the town, consider renting a party bus

You can find a party bus for an affordable price and for a wide range of events. Whether you’re looking for a small bus or a large one, keep reading and discover everything you want to know before renting the bus.

1. Ask the Right Question

Try examining the bus in person. But if you can’t, ask questions about the bus’s capacity, contract, and any other details you require to plan your party and obtain a peace of mind.

Ask if the company allows outside food and what refreshments they provide. State laws might prevent them from serving alcohol.

Never rent from a company with an old fleet: confirm the buses are less than a decade old. Don’t settle for an unregistered company, and verify every driver is trained and maintains their license. Finally, closely examine the company’s reputation online or through word of mouth.

2. What’s the Bus’s Capacity?

The biggest safe party tip is never exceed the bus’s capacity. Most buses have a capacity of between 18 and 30 people, with some options up to 55. Know what capacities the company offers and plan your guest list accordingly.

Never bring additional guests. It puts you at risk and can result in serious consequences for the bus company.

3. The Quality of the Bus

When you examine the bus in person, look for and ask about the following factors.


The newer the bus the better. Party buses suffer the same complications from age as other vehicles. If you’re familiar with the challenges a ten-year-old car suffers, ask yourself if you want to ride in a bus that old.

Interior Damage

Examine the inside. Are there chips in the paint or furniture, cracked glass, torn seats, or other minor damage? Make sure the bus is clean and free of dirt, smells, and waste.

While those issues might seem inconsequential, they indicate how well the company cares for its buses and values its customers.


Are drinks and food included in your party bus? Does it have a bathroom? Does the fleet have a bus that can meet most your needs, if not all?

If the company can’t provide you with what you want, consider going elsewhere.

4. Do They Offer a Contract?

Every service-based business should provide a contract. They protect both you and the party bus company.

If the agency doesn’t offer you a contract, it’s a huge red flag. Don’t book with them!

5. How Far Ahead To Book

When you’re renting a party bus, ensure you know how quickly the company fills its schedule. One way you can do this is by reading reviews.

Many people schedule a party bus on a whim and leave the planning until the last minute. To ensure you find an available bus and avoid conflicts, book at least a week in advance.

6. The Arrival and Departure Times

While the bus company trains its drivers to serve their customer’s needs, remember they charge you by the hour. If you’re late for pick up or prolong the end of your party, the bus driver might adapt, depending on the company’s policies. However, you’re still on the clock!

Remind your guests about punctuality, and take special care that those chronically late members have a buddy to ensure they don’t skyrocket your bill.

7. What Route Do You Want

When you book a party bus, you’ll register your desired route with the company’s main office. The driver isn’t allowed to change the route during the party, so think about your plan and carefully schedule your route.

Occasionally, a driver can contact the office while driving to change a route, but only in extreme cases.

8. Whether You’re Bringing Minors

If you have minors on the guest list, the driver won’t allow alcohol on the bus. Whether you’re bringing it yourself or the bus provides it, minors and alcohol never mix, regardless if they’re drinking or not.

9. How Hard the Driver Works

Remember your driver is a customer service specialist. They’re trained to drive expertly, act friendly, and serve you. Treat them with respect and tip them well!

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